Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy Pioneer Day!

Every year we go to the San Luis Valley in southern Colorado to celebrate the 24th of July: Pioneer Day! This year was especially fun because Evan loved the events. Especially the parade. Getting candy is, of course, the best part of any parade. Evan hoarded as much as he could.

He also loved the horses and flags. Here's everyone at the parade.

Other favorite 24th of July events are the many delicious family meals, hanging out at the cabin, seeing all the extended family, staying with Great-Grandma Decker (Wawa), and spending A LOT of time throwing rocks in the river. Somehow we don't have pictures of any of these things. Next year I promise to be a better picture taker.

What we do have pictures of are the results of a very dusty 4-wheeler ride (yet none of the ride itself):

I think we do have some photos on Jayson's phone. I'll try to post them soon. Anyway, we had a fabulous 24th and can't wait for next year!


Erica said...

Cute pictures that you FINALLY posted!!! hope you guys are doing awesome!

Jena said...

Love the pics!