Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More spring events. . .

Going to the zoo:

We thought Evan would love the zoo because of the animals (isn't that why YOU go to the zoo?)
Instead, he didn't really care about animals, but loved the cool fences that they have at the zoo.

Another favorite feature of the zoo is the playground.

Mother's Day:
We celebrated mother's day at our house this year. Here is mother Deb:

And here is my little family!

The next big summer party was Zach's graduation party. Here I am with Grandma Decker.

And my good friend from high school, Wendy Clasen. Her brother graduated, too, and they shared the party.

Evan really loves his cousin James. And this cool table that's just his size.

And, finally, for some spring news: we are expecting another baby in December! We are very excited and hope by then Evan has learned to share and not always have Mom hold him and be very unselfish. We'll see how that goes.


This was supposed to be a bigger post, but for some reason blogger won't let me add any more photos. So here are some pictures of Uncle Zach's recent high school graduation. Another post will follow.

Zach's Graduation:

Here is Zach giving his valedictory address.

Here we are with the new graduate.

Sitting in the stands, listening intently to graduation.

And now, a couple of random photos of Evan's favorite pastimes.

Playing in the car.

And taking a bath.