Wednesday, April 27, 2011

20 words

That's right. Evan can now say 20 words, so I'm recording them for posterity's sake.

The Criteria: He must come up with the word on his own, not just imitate it.
He can imitate lots of sounds.

So . . . here they are. Most are pretty standard (I assume, anyway). Some may surprise you.

1. Clock
2. Light
3. Car
4. Tree (this one has since disappeared from his vocabulary)
5. Cracker
6. Button
7. Outside
8. Guitar (it sounds like car-car)
9. Bird
10. Card (as in credit card, a favorite plaything. I'm not a bad parent. Just teaching him to live in the real world.)
11. Down
12. Shoe
13. Quack-quack
14. Book
15. Ball
16. Dot (there are lots of dots in his life. . .)
17. Dad
18. Dog
19. Helicopter (You saw it right!! Can your kid say that? It sounds like ah-cah.)
20. Key

Note the absence of 'mama.' We think he's a little confused. Evan seems to think 'da' refers to either parent. He demonstrated this at church on Sunday. I was playing the organ, and he pointed to me and loudly exclaimed, "Da! Da!" Pretty cute, but we definitely need to straighten him out.


Jacob Grant Monshin Gabriel said...

Love this blog and you guys! Just a side note to any other readers, there may or may not be proof that he has said "Jake." It has yet to be reviewed. Hint hint.

Erica said...

He is the smartest baby ever.